Simple Concepts of Uncertainty Measurement

Being aware of the uncertainty associated with the measurement is a very significant concept. You should not make any measurements unless you are aware of the related uncertainty.


Why do Calibration from ISO 17025 accredited lab?

When selecting a laboratory to fulfill your testing, calibration or measurement needs, you need to be sure that they can supply you with accurate and reliable results.

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The technical competence of a laboratory depends on several factors including:

  • the qualifications, training, and experience of the staff
  • the right equipment – properly calibrated and maintained
  • adequate quality assurance procedures
  • proper sampling practices
  • appropriate testing procedures
  • valid test methods
  • traceability of measurements to national standards
  • accurate recording and reporting procedures
  • suitable testing facilities

All these factors contribute to a laboratory being technically competent to do your testing. 

In India, the laboratory accreditation and instrument calibration are guided by NABL, the nodal authority, under Govt. of India. An attempt has been taken to give precise and accurate information without altering so many terms and explanation of ISO/IEC/IS.



ILAC(International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation)

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Free: ‘Advance Engineering Metrology’ Course for Calibration engineers

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Advance in Practical not in theory

This courses is more focused on practical instruments, gauges and calibration devices.

Why Calibration engineers should join this course?

This course cover basics information of daily calibrate instruments in various field of metrology.

It includes some important aspects of Metrology like linear, angular, comparator, temperature, pressure, gear, surface, thread, optical, force, torque, flow, measurements, etc.

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Download free PDF of ISO/IES 17025:2017

The Current valid version of ISO 17025 is ISO17025:2017 you can download free with the online course

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What is ISO/IEC 17025 in simple way?

ISO is a global network of the world’s leading standardizers. ISO stands for International Organization for Standardization.